Does Guest Posting Still Work? Everything You Need to Know

By: Israel Gaudette

Hello everyone, today we will discuss a popular topic in the digital world: guest posting.

Hang on. With the ever-evolving landscape of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing, you might wonder if guest posting is still the bee’s knees or if it’s just old news when it comes to reaching your target audience.

In this article, we’re going to take you on a little journey through the history of guest blogging, dish out some facts, and by the end, you’ll have a clear picture of whether this tactic still got the mojo it once had.

So, sit tight as we explain whether guest posting is still the real deal or if it’s time to bid farewell to this time-tested strategy.

Understanding Guest Posting

Understanding guest posting is crucial for bloggers to determine whether this once-effective SEO strategy works today. The discussion will focus on the mechanics of guest blogging and its relevance in today’s online scene.

What is Guest Posting?

It is one of the oldest link-building practices in the book, and for good reason – it works! A lot of marketers use guest posts to build links for SEO.

Guest blogging is when someone writes content for another host site or company. The goal is to enhance online presence, broaden reach, and foster connections within the digital sphere.

If new users find your own content valuable, they can be a part of your community. Fresh and relevant content benefits website hosts and guest writers, enhancing visibility, credibility, and relationships.

How Does Guest Posting Work?

Research and follow the hosting website’s guidelines, craft a strong pitch, and create a high-quality blog that meets their requirements for publishing.

You can then boost your guest post on social media and engage with people by answering comments and building connections.

This link-building strategy is a valuable opportunity to showcase expertise and build connections in your field, and it can also play a role in your site’s SEO.

The Role of Guest Posting in SEO

To succeed with guest blogging for SEO, focus on building relationships, providing valuable guest content, and aiming for quality backlinks from quality sites for SEO purposes.

While this link-building strategy can improve domain authority and brand exposure, it prioritizes relationship-building and SEO value creation over solely focusing on SEO.

Make sure to choose relevant sites and create quality content to achieve the effectiveness of guest posting in SEO. GOOD TO KNOW: “Excessive” guest blogging happens when a brand tries to get guest post links on as many sites as possible. Generating low-quality content is detrimental to the internet and hurts both the web and Google.

The Evolution of Guest Posting

Does guest posting still work

Discover the history of guest blogging, from its obscurity to becoming game-changing. We’ll explore its details and reveal why it’s an effective SEO strategy.

Traditional Practices in Guest Blogging

Content quality emerged in the 2010s, emphasizing the importance of valuable content relevant to a website’s topic and showcasing the author’s expertise.

Manipulative link-building tactics were penalized by Google updates like Penguin, making low-quality guest blogs ineffective.

Relationship building, unique perspectives, and engaging formats are now important for better content.

Changes in Guest Posting Over The Years

This is still a viable SEO strategy for modern SEO and content marketing. That said, adapting your strategy to the changing landscape is key. This means following ethical guidelines and prioritizing audience needs over the search engines.

Use guest blogging to boost brand exposure and support your overall brand publishing. Building relationships, expertise, and relevance can improve Google rankings and grow brand awareness.

We can safely assume that this link-building technique brings advantages, including boosting online visibility, building the site’s authority, gaining quality backlinks, and expanding your network.NOTE: Guest blogging is crucial for a successful digital marketing strategy. A skilled digital marketing specialist can create content that boosts online visibility and interaction.

‘Does Guest Posting Still Work?’ – Debunking the Myth

Matt Cutts‘ announcement that “guest blogging is dead” caused chaos in the SEO community and is still used as evidence that guest posting is ineffective.

Is this SEO strategy still reliable for long-term use? Let’s analyze current trends, search engine algorithm updates, and online content dynamics to assess its effectiveness in the ever-changing world of SEO.

  • The Changing Landscape of SEO: Create valuable content instead of simply guest blogging for backlinks. Search engines now distinguish between valid and spammy content, requiring a new approach.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Creating quality content helps boost monthly organic traffic, build credibility, and gain long-term SEO benefits like increased visibility and links. Even if guest posts have no follow links, they can still direct users to your site.
  • Building Authority and Relationships: This SEO tactic is a great way to showcase your expertise, gain organic traffic, and connect with industry leaders. It can lead to long-term growth and higher rankings by obtaining meaningful dofollow links. Targeting pages on pages 2-3 of Google and considering building links to content in positions 10-25 can make it easier to make progress.
  • Algorithmic Understanding: Use this SEO strategy to support your content strategy. Adapt to algorithm changes, follow ethical guidelines, prioritize audience needs, leverage old browsers, and auto-correct for backlinks.
  • Adapting to the Future: Adapt your guest blogging strategy to changes, stay ethical, and prioritize the audience over search engines. Use it to boost your brand exposure and content marketing, not just for SEO.

To succeed in digital marketing, focus on building relationships, getting dofollow links, showcasing expertise, and staying relevant. A comprehensive approach can lead to lasting results. EXPERT TIP: Do not publish on spammy sites. This can harm your guest blogging SEO. Spammy sites tend to sell guest post opportunities or links for a fee.

Current Relevance of Guest Posting

We’ll examine this tool’s relevance in online content and determine if it still holds the power to make an impact.

Advantages of Guest Posting in the Present Scenario

Groove and Shopify achieved revenue and website traffic success by guest blogging on popular and authoritative sites like TechCrunch and Smashing Magazine.

Neil Patel also established his expertise and expanded his consulting business through guest posting.

To succeed, focus on creating excellent content and finding relevant third-party websites. Also, diversify your backlink strategy with different keywords to follow in their footsteps.

Factors that Influence The Effectiveness of Guest Posting

Guest blogging is when you compose and publish articles on other websites to boost your brand and attract traffic. It can help with SEO if done correctly.

  • Relevance to Target Audience: Guest posts published should be relevant and valuable to engage readers and drive the author’s site traffic.
  • Quality of Content: For successful guest blogging, make instructive and valuable content that showcases your expertise and credibility.
  • Authority and Expertise: Expert authors have more influence and are trusted by their audience, establishing themselves as thought leaders in the industry.
  • Choice of Host Websites: Pick guest post sites wisely. Good ones boost SEO. Bad ones harm SEO.
  • Backlink Strategy: Quality backlinks from high-quality websites in the same niche are more important for SEO than quantity, and they can help provide these valuable backlinks.
  • Consistency: Quality guest articles on high authority sites can improve online presence and brand recognition more than numerous low-quality ones.

NOTE: Other sites don’t have a limitation on how many links you can include to your guest posts as long as they are appropriate and don’t lead to the same site.

The Impact of Guest Posting on SEO and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Rankings

seo ranking

By contributing to other websites, your own site can gain credibility with search engines. It can have a positive effect on increasing your website’s visibility.

Case Studies that Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Guest Posting

Several case studies showcase the effectiveness of guest blogging in improving SEO, increasing site traffic, and boosting brand visibility. Here are a couple of notable examples:

  1. Buffer’s Guest Posting Strategy: Buffer used guest blogging to boost brand recognition, attract visitors, and improve SEO. They guest-posted on top marketing and tech blogs, gaining authoritative backlinks and search engine status.
  2. Groove’s Journey to $100,000 in Monthly Revenue: Groove grew its revenue by guest blogging on popular third-party sites like TechCrunch and Smashing Magazine.
  3. Shopify’s Content Marketing Strategy: Shopify used guest blogging to promote its brand and share knowledge on e-commerce and entrepreneurship. They wrote informative articles on reputable websites, increasing referral traffic and organic search.
  4. Neil Patel’s Guest Posting Success: Neil Patel used guest blogging to establish his expertise and attract a following to his site. This helped him expand his consulting business and establish a solid online presence.

Guest posting has been proven to boost page authority, traffic, and SEO. However, success will depend on content quality, host choice, and audience engagement.WARNING: Money can harm your SEO when it comes to guest blogging. Paying for posts or accepting payment for featuring them can violate Google’s guidelines. Label sponsored posts and tag associated links accordingly.

Making the Most of Guest Posting in 2023

Guest Posting 2023

Guest blogging is still valuable for online visibility and SEO if you know how to use it.

  • Strategic Content Creation: Create quality and engaging articles that address current trends and interests of your niche to connect with your target audience.
  • Prioritize Reputable Sites: Choose host websites with a strong online presence, good domain authority, and a relevant audience. A few guest posts on reputable sites can yield better results than numerous posts on low-quality platforms.
  • Personalization is Key: Tailor a single guest post pitch to each site you approach. Show them you’ve researched and understand the site’s content style and audience preferences. Personalized pitches are more likely to grab the attention of editors. Personalizing your guest post pitch email can increase your response rate. Add a few sentences specific to the recipient’s website to make it more engaging.
  • Diverse Backlink Strategy: While backlinks are essential, diversify your strategy. Mix in branded, non-branded, and long-tail anchor texts to create a natural link profile. Focus on adding links to your site.
  • Visual and Interactive Content: In 2023, visual and interactive content is gaining traction. Consider including multimedia elements like images, infographics, videos, and interactive elements in your guest posts to enhance engagement.
  • E-A-T and Expertise: Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principle remains essential. Showcase your expertise in your niche through well-researched and insightful content. Consider including author bios that highlight your qualifications.

GOOD TO KNOW: Niche edits, also called link insertions, are links placed into an existing piece of content after it has been published to increase white hat link building. Niche edits are a link-building tactic used commonly by SEOs as part of a backlink strategy to build out a backlink profile.

Finding Websites That Accept Guest Posts

search guest posting

Find relevant blogs or websites that receive guest posts to showcase your writing and increase your visibility.

Using Search Engine Queries for Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

Find guest posting opportunities with targeted search queries. Locate niche or industry-related websites that receive guest posts. Follow these steps in using search engine queries to find guest posts:

  • Niche Keywords and Phrases: Identify keywords relevant to your subject or niche, such as “health-conscious lifestyle” if you’re in fitness.
  • Search Queries: Craft search queries that combine these keywords with phrases that suggest the site might receive guest posts. Some effective search queries might be:
    • “Write for us” + [your niche]
    • “Guest post” + [your niche]
    • “Submit a guest post” + [your niche]
    • “Contribute an article” + [your niche]
    • “Become a contributor” + [your niche]
  • Google Search: Plug these search queries into Google’s search bar and hit enter. Google will then display a list of websites inviting guest contributions in your chosen niche.
  • Refine Results: Choose websites with engaging content and an established online presence to get the most out of your search.
  • Check Submission Guidelines: Check the “Write for Us” or “Contributor Guidelines” page on a site for guest blogging requirements and submission guidelines.
  • Personalization and Outreach: Introduce yourself and highlight your expertise for a successful pitch. Suggest interesting topics and explain how your content would benefit readers.

Leveraging Guest Posting Services and Platforms

Find trustworthy guest post platforms with secure payment systems and positive user reviews. Create a profile showcasing your expertise and browse available guest posting opportunities.

Craft personalized pitches and negotiate terms. Create high-quality content and engage with the people. Prioritize quality over quantity and maintain a professional attitude.

Guest post platforms can expand your online presence and build industry relationships. The bottom line is you must consider each guest post opportunity individually.NOTE: The word count within an article will decide how many keywords and links ought to be utilized on average within the anchor text of an article to be regarded as high quality.

Guest Posting Best Practices

Our ultimate playbook covers the benefits of guest posts, including dos, don’ts, and techniques to make you stand out.

Crafting Quality Content for Guest Posts

If you want to create successful guest posts, start by understanding the readers of the website you’ll be contributing to. Tailor your content to their interests and offer new insights and perspectives.

Cite credible sources to back up your points, and use clear headings and bullet points to make your blog post easy to skim. Offer practical advice and use visuals to enhance the reading experience.

Finally, carefully proofread your blog post and infuse it with your unique voice. By following these steps, you’ll create guest posts that will help build your credibility and online presence.

Building Genuine Relationships with Blog Owners

To succeed in guest posting, build genuine relationships with blog owners. Engage with their content, offer something valuable, and align with their niche.

Follow their guidelines, be transparent, and be willing to reciprocate. Maintain the connection through communication, events, and celebrating achievements.

Authentic connections require mutual respect and shared interests for long-term collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got burning questions about how to make guest blogging work for you? Not to worry. We have all the answers here.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Guest Posting?

It can benefit you by increasing visibility, reaching a new audience, obtaining backlinks, establishing expertise, building relationships, driving traffic, and sharing knowledge.

It can help your online presence but has risks like time investment, quality control, and link spamming. Success depends on the hosting web and may only have a short-term impact.

How to Pitch for a Guest Post?

To pitch a guest post/guest blog successfully, you must do the following:

  • Research the target website.
  • Personalize your pitch.
  • Use an engaging subject line.
  • Admire their blog and introduce yourself.
  • Explain how your post benefits their readers.
  • Offer relevant topic ideas and show expertise.
  • Provide links to previous work.
  • Align with their audience’s interests.
  • Express enthusiasm and invite further discussion.
  • Thank them and follow up politely.

What Are Some High-Authority Websites for Guest Posting?

Here are ten websites that accept guest posts: Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost,, HubSpot, Moz, Smashing Magazine, Search Engine Journal, Copyblogger, and Social Media Examiner.

Make sure your content aligns with their guidelines before applying.

How to Estimate the Success of a Guest Post?

Focus on engagement and long-term SEO benefits when evaluating the success of your guest post/guest blog. Use a high-quality, unique article that follows search engine guidelines to avoid penalties.

Adapt strategies as the landscape changes for maximum SEO and audience reach.

Is There a Risk of Being Penalized for Guest Posting?

Yes, there is a risk of being penalized if posting is done in a spammy or manipulative way.

Google’s algorithms can penalize websites for excessive or low-quality guest posting that aims solely to manipulate search rankings.

To avoid penalties, focus on high-quality, relevant, and natural guest posting practices that provide value to readers and follow search engine guidelines.


So, there you have it—guest posting is far from being yesterday’s news. It’s alive, kicking, and ready to turbocharge your online game.

From boosting your SEO to expanding your audience reach, the power of guest posting is real.

Remember, the landscape keeps evolving, so while the classic strategies still hold water, it’s smart to mix in new tactics.

Armed with the latest insights and a solid plan, you’re ready to rock the guest posting scene like a pro. So, put your words out there, make connections, and watch your online presence soar.