Fully Managed Content Solution For Serious Traffic Growth
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The Most Effective Content Solution for Increasing Your Website Traffic! Period.

An all-in-one fully managed content solution for people who want to put their website content into expert hands, and just sit and watch their traffic increase. The only thing that is not covered is the integration of the content into your website!

Note: This service isn’t a copywriting service. We don’t offer this service for local businesses (ie: service pages), we are not local SEO experts. This service is meant for websites that need content for their blog; Affiliates, SAAS, and all types of online Businesses.

What’s Included?

Topic Research

We will handle the topic research for you, or you can tell us which topics you would like to cover on your website. We will create new clusters or expand your current clusters with new content, to help you gain topical authority and outrank the competition.

Topic Research Infographic

Keyword Research Tailored For Your Site Authority

This process is probably the most important one as a big mistake that people usually does is to target keywords that have a low success rate to rank on the first page. Over the years, we have built a proven strategy that selects keywords with top-10 ranking potential for your website and that drives results fast!

Keyword Research infographic

SERP & Competitors Analysis

Creating content is easy, but targeting the right intent is another story! For every piece of content we create, we make sure to deeply analyze the SERP results and competitors to target the right audience. Get better conversions and rank faster.

SERP ANalysisi Infographic

Content Writing

Forget about cheap writers, all our writers are native English and have followed intensive training to be able to join our team. You can expect nothing but quality from our team. All our content will be perfectly optimized for your audience and for Google, using Surfer SEO, and a bit of magic 😉 Indeed, we also leverage entities in our content writing process, which provide articles that are much better optimized for SEO.

Note: Our writers work with a time tracker that records their monitor activities to ensure they don’t use AI. Get peace of mind from being hit by a potential core algorithm update against AI-generated content.

Content Writing Infographic

Internal Linking

Internal links are set out of the box! Yes, you’ve read right 🙂 For every piece of content that will be part of the topic cluster, we will set a predefined permalink, and create an advanced internal linking plan. When your topic cluster will be delivered, all your articles will have already internal links set. Just make sure to set the same permalinks that we’ve strategically used, and integrate. Save hours of work implementing internal links.

Internal Linking Infographic

Products Research

Affiliates, we’ve heard you! We will handle the extensive product research process for your money pages. Prioritizing ratings and high prices in our ranking methodology to increase your conversion rate, and increasing your affiliate revenue.

Product Research Infographic

Entities Schema (Extra $$$)

Have you read the entities guide of our founder Israel Gaudette? If yes, then you know how much entities are important for SEO! For a small extra, you can get us to apply semantic publishing to your articles once they will be published. Leverage the power of entities in your schema and boost your topic relevance with Google.

Entities Schema Infographic

Note from the founder of Flawless SEO, Israel Gaudette

Hi, Israel here. You’ve been so many requesting this service and I’m happy to announce to you that this is finally here! It wasn’t easy to implement in my SEO agency because this is really a complex process, that not a lot of people are capable to execute properly.

When you started to ask me for this service after seeing my traffic growth results on the social media platforms, I started to look for hiring a new employee to help me with the execution of the topic cluster creation. It took 3 hiring attempts and over 12h of training videos, but now I made your dream a reality 🙂 This is now available (in limited monthly quantities though).

If you follow me on my social media, you know what type of results the exact same process offered in this service can do to a website, but if not, here is an overview of the results I’ve achieved on a new website (fresh domain registered in June 2022).

website traffic growth

The site actually has 4 topics cluster, with a total of 74 posts. If you look at the traffic value, you will notice that I’m ranking for quite competitive keywords, despite having just a DR2 domain. That is because of how the site structure is structured, and how I leveraged the power of entities in my articles.

Here is the Ahrefs graph of the pillar articles, for the 4 topics cluster.

pillar article 1
pillar article 2
pillar article 3
pillar article 4

And here is the real traffic growth for the whole website.

real traffic growth

As you can see, a healthy traffic growth, despite the numerals algorithm updates we’ve seen in December 2022. The site (at the time of writing these lines) has 400+ daily visitors and made 390$ (affiliate commissions + advertising revenue) in the last 30 days. 

At a multiple of 30x (how much niche sites are valued on average) the website value is ~12K, which is what I’ve invested right now into it. So from now, I’m starting to make a profit with this project, after only 6 months!

The actual secret is in the way I find topics and build them. I use an advanced approach that is unknown in the SEO industry, and that has proven to be really effective!

Now, this is possible for you to benefit from this content solution at a very fair cost, considering the quality of the content I provide, and the massive amount of time that is required to build a cluster.

What our Clients say.

Peter Jones,
CEO of Miracle Ventures Ltd

“Israel is my go to SEO Consultant for high level consultations. He always delivers clear advice based on what works right now, in his own online businesses. 

If your looking for an SEO who can actually deliver then Israel is the man!“

Mark McShane,
Managing Director of
Skills Training Group

“I have been using Flawless SEO for content & links for my website.

I’ve found Israel to be very helpful and honest during this time, no BS like many of the other providers. I’d highly recommend their service.“

David Kiss
David Kiss,
CEO of Leadvertise

“FlawlessSEO is different. Israel is a very experienced marketer, his SEO strategy just makes a lot of sense, the execution is high quality and I see good results after the first few orders already.

 I will definitely keep ordering more links and content from him.”

Kevin Heimlich
Kevin Heimlich,
CEO at The Ad Firm

“If you are looking for someone in the digital marketing space that really knows what they are doing and can also help you execute link building then look no further than Israel and his team at Flawless SEO.

As an agency, we normally use a lot of vendors for link building and Israel’s team stands out in this industry for the quality of the work.”

Rafael Oliveira
Rafael Oliveira,
CEO at RMO Digital

“Israel, is the real deal when it comes to content and link services—honest, top-notch, and results-driven. His expertise is a game-changer in the industry, making him the go-to choice for those seeking remarkable outcomes in the digital marketing landscape.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for effective digital marketing solutions.”