10 Benefits of Guest Posting: A Full Guide

By: Israel Gaudette

The overall goal when it comes to marketing is spreading your brand everywhere. After all, brand awareness is what creates potential customers or readers for your own website.

There are many tools you can use to keep your website relevant in readers’ minds, one of which is guest posting or guest blogging.

This is because posting your own content on other, more prominent sites can allow you to network with those sites and reach a broader audience of potential new customers.

It also allows you to develop and showcase your writing and marketing skills as you publish your custom content. Our guide will show you the many benefits of properly utilizing guest posting.

The Advantages of Guest Posting

benefits of guest posting

The most significant advantage of guest posting is introducing your brand to others in your field. This will create opportunities for you to make business connections and share audiences.

Becoming guest bloggers allows website owners to create content for other websites and blogs with larger audiences, allowing them to receive new readers and a better standing within their niche.

A few simple guest posts can also create website traffic leading back to your own website and can help you establish ties with other website owners.

You can even raise your website’s credibility or domain authority due to the association with these high-authority websites.

The Benefits of Guest Posting for SEO

Guest posts help you engage with a wider audience through shared publicity with larger sites as a form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

An example of what writing guest posts would entail is writing an article on self-tanning for a beauty guru or company website. In return, they will allow you to advertise your website with links to your site or brand.

Adding links for each other would boost both brands’ exposure. Google considers this cross-promotion as a criterion for ranking websites due to the presence of high-quality backlinks.

Your understanding SEO benefits through guest posting can help refine your ability to advertise your website. A simple guest post can provide the following benefits:

Improve SERP Rankings

SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) are the first results presented when using a search engine, such as those presented through a quick Google search for any topic.

You can enhance your SERP rankings by increasing link-building with other websites and guest authors.

Link-building is especially effective with the right online marketing and interaction with other sites, as both attract the attention of search engines. Both methods require the correct quality and quantity of linked websites.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks leading back to your website or brand represent a reference to your actual content.

Many Guest Posting sites will allow you to include links leading back to your website. Build brand awareness by using these strategies to create backlinks when connecting your content to the websites of others.

Search engines such as Google base their rankings for pages on the number of links from high-authority sites.

Getting these quality backlinks is difficult and would be challenging to secure without well-written content. This selection also applies to your site; too poor content would affect your brand value.

Drive Real Traffic to Your Site

Site Traffic

Guest writing for other websites creates traffic heading to your own. This is a win-win scenario for all parties involved, as the traffic gained can begin from either site.

This content marketing strategy is effective if both websites have a similar target audience to supply each other with. This leads to both websites rising in rank for search engines thanks to backlinks.

Personal and Professional Growth from Guest Posting

Not only are guest posting opportunities good for your business, but the practice also allows you to sharpen your literary skills.

Marketing skills can only push your brand so far if your content is not well-written.

Enhance Writing Skills

The publicity from guest posts would be less effective if you cannot engage readers.

Writing for different websites allows you to practice and enhance your writing skills. You can then apply any improvements to articles published on your own site.

You also get to reflect on how much of an expert you are in your given field. The exercise refines how much you understand and can explain your work to experts and curious readers alike.

Offer Diverse Viewpoints

Posting content on other sites will also expose you to different perspectives on your topic. It can even introduce you to new outlooks and viewpoints regarding your field of choice.

Having outside writers create content for you can also create discussion and further engagement from your audience.

Your writing from a different perspective can also help make your links stand out more, drawing more potential consumers to your site.

Strategic Value of Guest Posting

Guest blogging is especially effective in building brand awareness as you gain more positive associations from your guest posts.

Consider the following benefits as evidence of how guest posting can improve the ratings and image of your current business:

Expand your Network and Online Influence

Whenever other, more established sites accept guest posts, people who haven’t heard of your brand can associate you with their credibility.

Establish this great first impression for your brand by writing high-quality content. This combination of good content and collaboration with larger websites will surely boost traffic towards your own.

These business relationships can also create a hub for feedback and experience sharing. Here, you can gain tips on recent developments in your field and have a place for discussion.

Accumulate a Credibility Portfolio

Creating guest posts is a way to generate more credibility or authority within your field. This will get more people to consider you an expert after reading your guest post on another blog or site belonging to a different blog owner.

However, practice due diligence before making any claims, as any mistakes or inaccuracies can also affect the site you’re guest posting on.

Creating authority for your band comes with building trust in your audience. After all, a quality guest post should be useful for beginners and experts in your niche.

Enhance Social Media Footprint and Brand Exposure

Guest blogging can expose you to many potential business partners and their social media followers. The presence of your guest posts can pique their interest in your brand.

Take this opportunity to advertise your social media accounts, especially by customizing your profile as a contributor. Be sure to add links to your social media and contact details whenever you publish a guest post.

Guest Posting as a Public Relations Tool

Any business owner can reliably maintain their trade with exposure and presence in the minds of their consumers. Guest posting can better facilitate public relations with your audience and other owners in the field.

Remember that “Distribution is as important as creation” when generating an audience. Make sure to follow the next few steps to implement this saying as part of your plan.

Provide Free Publicity

Referral traffic is the primary marketing strategy behind guest blogging. You would be looking for bigger sites relevant to your field that have a much more solid following.

You are directing their traffic towards your websites via the publicity you received on theirs. This practice can work vice-versa with the more prominent websites sending their guest posts to yours.

Bloggers also often promote their content through social media or email marketing, as these platforms can help expand their brand further.

Attract More Web Traffic

Besides creating more publicity for all parties, guest blogging can help you shorten the sales cycle. 

A brand’s constant presence in the minds of its consumers would entice them to visit or buy your content.

When a more established site or blogger has your quality content associated with them, their consumers would be encouraged to head towards your brand as they keep both brands in mind.

How Effective is Guest Posting?

The Statistica Research Department predicted there would be around 31 million bloggers by 2020, reflecting how much of an asset and resource guest posting can be for website owners and small businesses.

To reflect the relevance and effectiveness of guest blogging, content marketers have been partnering with other bloggers and sites to add content to their sites more frequently.

By understanding the intricacy of guest posting, you can make guest posting all the more effective in growing your business and your online presence.

Understand the Target Audience

Posting content online can help you understand your target audience and field more. Although not every guest post will boost your numbers, posting on other blogs or websites can definitely help build your online reputation.

Publishing guest posts can also build a community for your customers, creating a hub for valuable information. Constant interaction can have your customers view your brand as trustworthy and relatable.

Positive associations and experiences are how your customers can help you expand your online business by attracting even more through word of mouth or social media.

Hone Communication, Writing, and Research Skills

An effective guest post combines your writing, research, and communication skills online.

You should thus maintain a high standard of quality, as potential mistakes can drag you down the search engine results page and endanger your existing referrals. This research also can expose you to potential links for further connections.

High-authority sites also need helpful content, so your writing needs to attract an audience that includes both beginners and experts on both sites. Your writing must balance content and conciseness to engage a wider audience.

The Importance of Guest Posting for New Websites

Writing new website posts is especially important for garnering new customers or readers. Creating guest blog posts would help site owners gain around 55% more visitors than those who don’t.

They can also generate qualified leads at a higher percentage (67% monthly) compared to other companies that don’t. This combination of visitors and quality links nets these sites better rankings in search engines.

These benefits of guest blogging are thus essential to any future marketing strategies.

Benefits of Guest Posting for New Websites

You also gain a new site in your growing social network for each site you write a guest post for. The more knowledge you share with them, the greater your digital footprint will be.

Soon, more guest blogging opportunities will become available due to the many connections you’ve made, whether through associated recognition or much bigger projects done together.

Either way, the top benefits of guest posts are creating more opportunities for your brand and others. A comprehensive network of professionals should work in the favor of everyone in it.

Practical Strategies of Guest Posting for New Websites

Content Managers use blog posts 92% of the time for referral traffic from other bloggers. By employing the right strategies and marketing campaigns, guest posting can surely boost traffic to fledgling sites. 

The following are valuable strategies when guest blogging;

  • Find relevant websites: We recommend searching for potential takers by searching “topic+guest post” on your search engine.
  • Concise Content: Although quality content leads to better links, experts recommend keeping a limit of at least 1500 words when creating content for the sake of brevity.
  • Average time: In our experience, we found that it takes around four hours to finish a blog post.
  • Post frequently: Companies that post 16 blog posts a month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those with fewer articles, which is ideal for traffic generation.
  • Post selectively: High-quality and informative content helps gain more authority and better linking opportunities with bigger sites or bloggers.

NOTE: You may follow up with any owner regarding your submitted guest post, but don’t overdo it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you are now more familiar with posting guest posts, you may still have questions about the practice.

We gathered common questions on the many benefits of guest posting content:

What Are the Key Benefits of Guest Blogging?

The following key points can summarize the benefits of guest blogging:

  • A win-win strategy for all parties: Guest blogging has both guest bloggers and site owners generating referral traffic to each other.
  • Authority-generation: Sharing your content and getting more referral links would have potential audiences view your work as more credible in your field.
  • SERP increase: The more websites cite your content, the more likely search engines are to list you on their front pages over other sites.
  • Community building: The practice drums up engagement with your audience.
  • Improves writing skills: Writing blog posts for many websites acts as practice for your writing.

How Does Guest Posting Enhance Writing Skills

Guest blogging helps enhance your writing ability as a form of practice. Established websites or blogs typically accept well-written guest posts in exchange for backlinks.

This standard should incentivize you to write any guest blog post well. The authority and credibility your own site will be garnering should match all the sites you posted on.

Does Guest Posting Help in Ranking Higher on Search Engines?

Search engines rank sites according to the high-quality links used within a website. These quality links and the amount present translate into credibility in the eyes of the algorithm for companies.

Hence, your primary content strategy should be getting backlinks from higher authority sites and offering quality articles. The more links received, the higher the potential rank in a search engine.

Why Is Guest Posting Important for New Websites?

Guest blogging for new websites is vital for creating more traffic and audiences. Guest blogs can refer to or be posted on more established blogs or sites within their fields.

New websites live or die by their brand presence within their respective audiences. This is especially true for subscription-business model websites.

They can’t continue to have sales without consistent relevancy in the minds of an audience. This applies to both those with an established audience and a developing one.

Can Guest Posting Act as a Public Relations Tool?

As a potent public relations tool, guest posting can help facilitate more interaction with your growing audience. 

A constant presence amongst relevant sites of high authority is how new websites gain their reputation.

Whenever you post for another site or refer to others, you are building positive associations between your content and theirs, increasing the shared audience.


Guest blogging can promote your website while connecting you with the bigger players in your field, such as influencers or corporate blogs.

Every time you submit guest posts to a bigger site, it is a step closer to your site being validated by a wider audience. However, high-quality guest posts must still be posted to earn readers’ trust.

When done well, guest posting can help you develop your community or following of readers who trust and actively pursue your content. Even other new websites may seek you out when including links for referrals.Guest blogging encourages interconnectedness between smaller and larger websites for the benefit of sharing the same audience. This cooperation can lead to higher search engine rankings and, thus, views, meaning its benefits can’t be understated.