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Guest Posting Service

Secure guest posts on top-tier, relevant websites to bolster your ranking potential. With our proprietary filtering method, we ensure only the highest-quality, most relevant sites will be chosen for your link-building campaigns.

“Having spent over a decade in link building, I can attest that nearly 90% of sites accepting guest posts are link farms. At Flawless SEO, we bypass the clutter and connect you with the valuable 10%.”

Israel Gaudette, CEO of Flawless SEO
Israel Gaudette, CEO of Flawless SEO

Our Strict Filtering Process

We meticulously evaluate every potential webmaster before we trust them to establish links to our client’s websites.
Here’s how we make sure you get the best:

We ensure the site has at least 1K organic traffic (USA).
We only consider sites with a minimum DR20 (Ahrefs Data).
We assess the site for professional presentation, avoiding poorly designed sites with low-quality logos.
Most link farming sites use a 5$ logo and have very poorly designed websites. We want to avoid them!
We make sure the site doesn’t openly advertise guest posting in its top navigation menu or disclose guest posting fees anywhere.
We double-check for a healthy traffic history and verify that traffic sources are legitimate, not from spammy keywords.
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What sets us apart from our competitors is our manual traffic analysis for each site using Ahrefs’ “Top Pages by Traffic” feature. We ensure the site ranks for legitimate articles, not relying on easy-to-rank keywords to inflate traffic. We also ask webmasters to add internal links, to reduce the risk of having links from orphaned pages.

Premium Content

Forget about the typical 500-word article offered by the competition.

Rise above the competition with high-quality content. Our articles range from 750 to 2000 words, crafted meticulously to provide an engaging reading experience, and WE DON’T USE AI CONTENT.

Our articles aren’t just blocks of text. They’re meticulously structured with clear headings (H2) and sub-headings (H3) for easy readability and improved SEO.

But it’s not just about structure – it’s about relevance. Our content is expertly tailored to align with your target URL, ensuring maximum SEO impact.

And that’s not all! We go a step further by offering you the unique opportunity to choose your own title, thereby boosting relevance even further. Now, how many agencies provide such unparalleled flexibility to their clients?

Traffic Authority Addon

Boost your guest post link’s authority with our Traffic Authority add-on for just $20/link.
To learn more about the TA addon, please read this article from the founder of Flawless SEO.

Entity Boost Addon

Increase your backlink’s relevance with our unique Entity Boost add-on! We’ll identify top entities relevant to your target URL and include them in the title of your guest posts.

This groundbreaking strategy doesn’t just work, it excels – and we’re the only agency that brings it to the table. By choosing us, you’re gaining access to an exclusive, proven method to enhance your SEO effectiveness.

Witness the Power of TA & Entity Add-ons: After integrating just two guest post links with our exclusive TA & Entity add-ons, one of our client’s website traffic skyrocketed by 300% in a single month! Above is the chart that illustrates this impressive growth.

Ready to ascend in search engine rankings? Propel your website’s visibility with our premium guest posting service today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for completing orders?

Typically, orders are completed between 3 to 5 weeks. Note that delays can occur due to unresponsive webmasters.

Do you own the websites where guest posts are published?

No. We value authenticity and all websites are real, owned by individuals or companies. We don’t own any of the websites.

What industries do you specialize in for link building?

We cover all industries except cannabis, gambling, and pornography.

What happens if a link is removed or a website goes down?

Our commitment is to establish and maintain resilient links. We always negotiate with webmasters for permanent link placement – that’s exactly what you’re paying for. However, we also acknowledge that there are factors beyond our control that could affect link permanence. This is why we have a robust one-year guarantee policy in place.

If a link we’ve placed is removed or a website goes offline within a year of your order date, we promise to replace it at no extra cost to you. Our aim is to ensure your link remains active and continues to contribute to your SEO efforts, irrespective of unforeseen circumstances.

How do you ensure the relevance of the websites you choose for link building?

We take relevance very seriously. For each link placement, we use Ahrefs to analyze the top-ranking content of the potential site placement. We carefully ensure that the subject of your target page aligns well with it. This thorough process is crucial in securing relevance between the site placement and your target page.