What Are Link Inserts/Niche Edits? A Comprehensive SEO Guide

By: Israel Gaudette

One way to increase organic traffic to your site is through a link-building tactic called “niche edits.”

When done right, niche edits (a.k.a link insertions or curated links) will help drive much-needed, high-quality traffic to your article or blog post.

You may even land at the TOP of the search results on Google! To learn how you can implement this SEO strategy on your own websites, continue reading!

Defining Link Inserts

Niche edits are a very effective way of boosting your site’s credibility and traffic. Let’s break down how this link-building strategy works.

What Are Link Inserts?

How do niche edits work?

A link insert (or a niche edit) service is a type of link that you place on an existing blog post or any piece of content already on the web.

You can find reputable websites with existing articles and have them link BACK to your own article.

The goal is to build high-quality backlinks from an already-established domain featured on the search engine results page.

That domain’s authority will transfer onto yours, increasing your overall page authority.

The higher the website’s authority, the better your chances of building powerful links. However, you will likely have to contact the website owners and pay for the niche edit link.

This link-building strategy differs from guest blogging as you do not need to write new content with a link embedded. Instead, you can place your new link on an existing piece of content, saving you valuable time and effort.

Importance of Link Insertions in SEO

What are link inserts

In search engine optimization, niche edits help build your brand and spread the word of your site to your target audience or whoever you are marketing towards.

With the help of niche edit links appearing in high-quality sites directly, you help your own website look more reputable and increase your authority, thanks to all that link juice.

You could say that other websites with good domain authority are “vouching” for your site! You get more referral traffic because other relevant websites make yours look more trustworthy.

These niche-edit backlinks from these high-domain authority sites help boost your site’s traffic and reputation.

Additionally, when you acquire niche edits, you are solidifying your position in your niche or subject matter as a leader or expert in the field.

Key Terms and Concepts Related to Link Inserts


There are different types of niche edits to remember. Keep these in mind as you try to find the right link-building tactic for your needs.

1. Contextual Backlinks

Contextual links are links that you place on a webpage that contain content relevant to your site.

These are most effective when you link to RELEVANT content. Similarly, link placement is crucial. Ensure the link added is on relevant articles and uses only appropriate, keyword-rich anchor text.

2. Guest Post Backlinks

Niche edits are similar to guest posts, only without the actual writing of a new guest post.

Guest posting is writing new content for a third-party site with a link to your site. Doing so increases traffic to your site and helps build links to increase your reputation and authority.

Regarding guest posts vs. niche edits, the latter is more efficient as you don’t need to write new content from scratch.

3. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a tactic in niche edit link building that involves finding broken links on a site and replacing them with your own.

It is one of the most effective link-building tactics as it is a win-win for both site owners. You receive a new backlink, and the website owners receive a working one.

Similarly, have your links inserted in relevant posts and anchor texts only.

Detailed Explanation: How Link Inserts Work

what are link inserts

Niche edits are a super effective way to build links for your existing pages or content. Let’s discuss the niche edit link-building process in detail.

Process of Link Insertions

Niche edits entail getting an active link to your site on an existing page. Let’s say you want to get a backlink from a website on housekeeping. The first step would be to find existing content on your article’s subject with A LOT of links.

That article may be “The Ultimate Guide to Housekeeping,” for example. This article would cover EVERYTHING about housekeeping, so it’s a great choice to get some high-quality links.

If the website owners allow it, you can try to purchase niche edits and have them link to your article. From there, you should see an increase in referrals just by having the link present in that pre-existing article.

Regarding the comparison between guest posting and niche edits, manual niche edits are also a lot CHEAPER to do than writing guest posts from scratch and placing your link on them.

There are TWO common ways you can get good links. First, you can BUY niche edits from the site owners. Second, you can do a link exchange with the website owner.

You can email the website owner, letting them know you are writing a high-quality guest post where you will link to their site. In exchange, they will allow you to link out to your site.

Technical Aspects of Link Inserts

All this technical talk may seem confusing for beginners. Let’s review some key terms and their definitions to guide you.

  • Guest posting/blogging – Writing a brand new article on a third-party website that links to your own site as a way to spread your brand.
  • Website authority – A site’s overall “strength” (measured from 1-100) determines how well it ranks on the SERP.
  • Anchor text – A word or phrase on the article where you plan to insert a hyperlink.
  • Referring domain – A site that generates backlinks that point back to your site.
  • Organic traffic – The amount of free visits you receive on your website.

Beneficial Outcomes of Link Insertions

Niche edits are one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to gain some authority on the SERP. Here are more reasons why link insertions are a MUST.

1. Building Relationships

Niche edits help you build your network with people in similar industries.

You already have something in common: your niche, but you can also help improve each other’s sites with niche edit links.

You need niche edits to help your site grow, and they can earn money from you to incentivize you to place your links. It’s a win-win!

2. More Time-Efficient Over Guest Posting

Niche edits save you a LOT of time compared to guest posting.

Instead of spending hours researching and writing new guest posts (that may not even rank), you can already place niche edit backlinks on an article ALREADY on the web.

The site owner is more likely to say yes to a niche edit than an entirely new article, as it takes much less time and money.

3. It is a White Hat SEO Technique

Are niche edits safe? Yes!

White hat means following the rules and conditions of major search engines like Google.

Niche edits are a form of white hat link-building as you gain links from other relevant sites cleanly without the risk of being penalized.

Sticking to white hat practices like niche edit link-building ensures you maintain your site’s integrity and remain on the SERP’s right side.

Strategies to Create and Place Link Inserts Effectively

Niche edit link building may seem self-explanatory, but it requires a lot of careful thought and analysis. Here are some tips to help ensure you are building links effectively.

Conducting Successful Outreach Campaigns

Niche edit links help you gain some connections with others in similar fields. It all starts with a successful outreach email.

Remember to keep all your emails PERSONALIZED!

It is a huge mistake to send the same email for every potential connection, as it comes off as impersonal and spammy.

We usually research who we are writing to and prepare beforehand by reading their content to learn more about their site.

Placing Links Into Existing Content

Where you link is very important. The article and anchor text where you place the niche edit can greatly affect your position on the SERP.

In some cases, if the niche edit is on the wrong text, it may not be read correctly by Google, and it may be deemed irrelevant to the overall piece, affecting both your score and that of the existing post.

Creating High-Quality Content That Attracts Links

It’s essential to do proper keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure your content is optimized according to Google’s standards. Take time to read your fellow competitors’ articles and try to fill in the gaps in their content. Covering what others didn’t will make your content seem just as reliable and attractive to link to.

Understanding Link Inserts in Terms of Site Credibility and Authority

Link Inserts

High-authority websites use niche edits to endorse your site as valuable and relevant, boosting your credibility as a resource.

How Link Inserts Contribute to Site Credibility

Niche edits can be used as a form of backing or support from other sites. This usually comes from high-authority sites with a lot of backing and links.

When a high-quality site links to one of your articles, it informs the search engine that yours is a trustworthy and relevant post, increasing your page rank and trust among readers.

Link Inserts and Website Authority

Niche edits placed on high-authority sites are more trustworthy by Google’s standards. Your site has better chances of ranking if they are linked to sites like these.

Google prioritizes high-value sites and the sources on them. Software like AHRefs and PageRank can help you determine a site’s metrics, from links to rankings.

Common Problems and Solutions with Link Inserts

Problem and solution

You’re bound to make mistakes when first trying to secure niche edits. Here’s how you can avoid them.

Identifying Common Concerns With Link Inserts

MISTAKE: Quantity beats quality.

If you want to place all your articles on a site, it may come across as spammy, and you may get penalized. Trying to place ALL your links also includes the risk of placing them on irrelevant anchor texts.

Furthermore, be careful of your OWN links.

If a site agrees to link to your article, ensure it is well-written and relevant. You may ruin the site’s reliability by seeding out a faulty link.

Lastly, analyze all the potential locations and websites that you could link to. Some may be scammy or phishing sites, which is never good for both sides.

Strategies to Overcome Challenges

When it comes to niche edits, QUALITY should still be your top priority.

You don’t need too many links; you only need the most relevant ones, increasing your chances of ranking.

Additionally, do regular quality checks on your niche edits to ensure they remain relevant and high-quality. This will increase the overall trustworthiness of your site.

Lastly, any tool used to analyze a potential site’s metrics will surely come in handy. After all, you don’t want to link to the wrong site!

Best Practices for Implementing Link Inserts

Now that you have a clearer idea of what niche edits are, it’s time to start implementing them yourself! Here are some quick ways to get started.

Approaching Site Owners for Link Inserts

Assuming you’ve already found a site where you would like to place your link, it’s time to build your case as to why the site owner should link to your site.

Whether you buy the niche edit or exchange links, you must pitch how it benefits the BOTH of you. If you’re lucky, the owner will say yes!

Otherwise, it’s best to look for other relevant content elsewhere.

Checking the Quality and Relevance of the Linked Content

Similarly, you must check if your niche edit and the content you are linking to are relevant to each other and worth placing a link on.

You can do this by analyzing the metrics of the site you are linking to. Check their domain authority, number of links, page rankings, etc.

The higher the authority of the site, the better!

Prioritize user experience and ensure the linked content is helpful to the reader, meaning whoever clicks must receive additional helpful information applicable to their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Niche edits may leave you with some lingering questions. Let us provide some additional insight!

How Does One Find Appropriate Sites for Link Inserts?

Check the metrics and quality of your site of choice, such as their domain authority, rankings, user-friendliness, and so on.

What Is the Value of Link Inserts for SEO?

Niche edits help increase your site’s credibility through existing, high-authority sites, as they help endorse your own content and make it further appear reputable and valuable.

How Often Should I Insert Links?

Our rule is to stick to around 3-5 links per 1000 words. Doing more than that will definitely overwhelm your reader.

Can I Insert Too Many Links?

Yes, inserting too many links in just one paragraph is a no-no. You may be accused of spamming, which may harm your site.

What Are Some Common Mistakes With Link Insertion?

Some common mistakes with niche edit insertion include placing links on irrelevant anchors or articles. It’s also risky to place too many links.


Link-building and niche edits might seem quite daunting. You may not see the results you want immediately or hear back from those you’ve reached out to.

But when done correctly and with a bit of patience, you should see your site performing better than before!

If all else fails, you can always seek the help of a link-building agency to help you gain those juicy niche edit links!