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Guest Posts

Everyone knows that guest posts are one of the safest and cost-efficient ways to rank a website.

With our unique filtering method, you will only get the highest quality and most relevant sites for your projects.

“I’ve been building links for over 10 years now… I’ve since learned that probably 90% of sites that accept guest posts are link farms. I offer you the remaining 10%.”

Israel Gaudette, CEO of Flawless SEO

Filtering Processes

Part of what makes our links better is our strict evaluation process.
Before we trust a webmaster to publish our client’s articles, his site needs to pass the following tests:

Has a minimum of 1K organic traffic.
Has a minimum of DR30 (Ahrefs domain authority metric)
The site needs to have a decent logo and design.
Most link farming sites use a 5$ logo and have very poorly designed websites. We want to avoid them!
The site doesn’t have a write for us or a guest post page in the top navigation menu.
We also double-check to make sure in the case this page exists that there is no mention on the page that they are offering guest posts for a fee.
The site needs to have healthy traffic history.
The main traffic source is legit and not coming from spammy keywords.
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What makes us apart from the competition is that we also analyze the traffic manually of every site before adding them to our database. We use the Ahrefs “Top Pages by Traffic” feature and look at which pages the site ranks.
We make sure the site is ranking for legit articles and doesn’t try to inflate their traffic with easy-to-rank keywords like; celebrity names, streaming-related keywords, quotes, etc…

High-Quality Content

Forget about the typical 500 words article offered by the competition.

All our articles come with a minimum of 750 words and goes often as high as 2000 words, depending on the webmaster’s requirements.

Our articles also include many headings (H2) and sub-headings (H3), they are very well structured and provide a great reading experience.

And most importantly, they will be highly relevant to your target URL.

You can even choose your own title to boost your relevancy! Which company is offering so much flexibility to their clients?

Traffic Authority Addon

Want to boost the authority of your guest post links? Then opt for our Traffic Authority addon for an extra 20$/link.
To learn more about the TA addon, please read this article from the founder of Flawless SEO.

Entity Boost Addon

Boost your backlink’s relevance with our Entity boost addon! When you take this option, we will check for top entities relevant to your target URL and includes them in the title of your guest posts. 

This special strategy has been proven to be really efficient and from what we know, we are the only agency that is offering it!

Result for one page after 2 guest post links with the TA & Entity addons.
Traffic has grown by 3x in just one month!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delay for completing orders?

On average, the delay is between 3 and 5 weeks.

Please note that unresponsive webmasters do happen and are out of our control. When a webmaster is not responsive, we send up to 2 follow-up emails before replacing it, which unfortunately can cause additional delays for your order.

Do the websites are owned by you?

No. All websites are real and owned by individuals or companies. We do not own any website.