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From topics to keywords.

Step 1: Submit Your Topic

Give us the topic of your content and we will provide a list of keywords optimized for SEO.

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Step 2: Choose Your Content Type

Let us know which type of content you want keywords for.

You can choose between:

Informative content: The informative content has the purpose to inform your visitors on a specific topic. They are also often utilized as a “supporting page”, where you will add one or multiple internal link(s) to your money page(s).
Money content: The money content (also called “money page”) has the purpose to convince your visitors to do an action… like buying your products, using your services, etc..
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Step 3: Sit and Relax

Once you have submitted all the required information, you just have to sit and relax 🙂

Our team will do all the hard work for you!

We’ll look at your website contents, your competitors, and even Google suggestions.

We will make sure to provide you with a list of valuable keywords for your next article!


Step 4: Content Writing (Optional)

Want a turnkey solution?

Let us bring your keywords to life with an amazing, well-written article, which will be optimized for SEO with the latest Google recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process?

We have an extensive process that contains the following steps:

  1. We are looking at your competitors.
  2. We find keywords opportunities that you don’t rank for.
  3. We group the keywords by topic relevancy and intent, using a process called “clustering”.
  4. We manually search on Google for the main keyword and add “People Also Asks” and “Google Search Suggestions” to the keywords list, if they bring value and fulfill the actual intent of the content.
What is the cost?

We charge a flat fee of 30$/article.

What is the delivery time?

We normally fulfill the order in 2-3 business days but it can take more time for bigger orders.

Do you have samples?

Yes, you can check here.

How do you determine the keyword difficulty?

We check the domain authority of your domain using Ahrefs and make our best to provide keywords that are possible to rank with your domain authority.

Can I specify my own list of competitors for the competitor’s analysis?

Sure! We have a note field in the order form where you can send any note to our team. You can then use this to mention your competitor’s preference.