Casper Pillow Review for 2022

Are you trying to improve your sleep? Don’t pick up a new mattress yet! Read what we have to say about the Casper original pillow, and try it out for yourself!
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A good night’s sleep starts with the right pillow. But not everyone sleeps the same way.

That’s why we recommend getting a Casper pillow! They make pillows for different sleeping positions, plus other sleep products like mattresses.

In this Casper pillow review, we’ll mostly spotlight the original Casper pillow, but we’ll be skimming over the other pillows.

Why Go for Casper Pillows?

You’ve probably heard of the Casper mattress and their bed frames, but Casper’s pillows are incredible too.

This newcomer pillow maker is here to eliminate neck pain and satisfy all sleepers, regardless of their sleep position.

Casper pillow firmness ranges from soft to firm, meaning they have something available for everyone.

Casper has what you need, whether you want a down pillow, down alternative pillow, or a memory foam pillow.

Their prices may seem a little steep, but you can’t put a price on comfort!

What’s Your Preferred Sleeping Position?

Other sleep products are all well and good, but finding the right pillow is still the most important thing if you want high-quality sleep.

Before we get into the Casper original pillow, you should know what makes a “comfortable pillow” for you. For this, you should know what your favorite sleeping position is.

There are 3 main kinds of sleeping positions. First are the back sleepers, then the side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you’re likely all-too-familiar with neck pain. This pain is likely caused by your pillow being too soft.

Back sleepers need their pillows to be a bit firmer; otherwise, they might end up with blocked airways. These blocked airways can lead to excessive snoring.

They need a medium-loft pillow to keep their heads at the proper height. This will also help keep your chin level with your sternum.

Side Sleepers

Without the right pillow know-how, side sleeping is the most neutral of the three sleeping styles. You need a firm pillow with a high loft if you’re a side sleeper.

This will ensure that your head and back are aligned properly. It would be best if you also kept your ears and shoulders aligned.

“But what about my legs?” you might ask. A side sleeper will benefit from a supportive pillow placed between their legs for more cushioning.

Our sleep tests found that the Casper original pillow is well-suited for extra leg support.

Stomach Sleepers

A stomach sleeper needs a soft pillow with a low loft. This is because they need less support for their head and neck and more of something to sink into as they slumber.

Stomach sleepers should keep their bodies in the same position as back sleepers. A level chin and sternum.

This is where the Casper original pillow falls short. Its loft and medium-firmness are not ideal for stomach sleepers.

What Does a Casper Pillow Feel Like?

There are 3 kinds of Casper pillow to choose from. The original Casper pillow, the Casper memory foam pillow, and the Casper down pillow.

Thanks to their high-quality materials, all of these pillows offer great neck support. A Casper pillow might do the trick if you’re getting neck strain because of your old pillow.

A Casper original pillow has a nice inner pillow that makes it more supportive. Make sure you’re fluffing it regularly to keep it nice and soft!
This design makes the pillow feel like a down pillow but with more support. It’s soft yet also medium-firm.

Original Casper Pillow Review

Casper’s original pillow features a breathable percale weave for its outer cover, woven for strength and softness.

It’s also stuffed with down alternative, so you can experience relief without worrying about ethical concerns.

Within is an alternative polyester microfiber fill which helps the original Casper pillow keep a good, even shape.

That polyester fabric isn’t the only thing keeping this pillow sturdy. It also has a flexible gusset within its design. This extra material keeps your head from bottoming out the Casper original pillow.

It also gives the pillows filling wiggle room if you decide to change your sleep position during the night. Side and back sleepers who shuffle around at night; rejoice!

There’s just one thing we don’t like about the original Casper pillow: It’s not an adjustable pillow. The Casper pillow is not for you if you want to customize your pillow.

Let’s Talk Pillow Design

The original Casper pillow features a unique pillow-in-pillow design. You can think of it as having two fluffy pillows at the same time.

First is the supportive inner pillow, which is a bit firmer, and made of a polyester microfiber fill.

Covering that is the softer outer layer, helping to improve the overall sleeping experience. Keep in mind that you’ll need both pillows for the best sleep!

It’s made with individually blown fiber clusters inside the cover. Don’t worry about messing up these clusters while cleaning because this pillow is completely machine-washable!

Get a Casper Original Pillow for Hot Sleepers

Thanks to Casper’s pillow-in-pillow design, their original pillow is perfect for hot sleepers.

Like a match made in heaven, the cotton cover and microfiber fill combine to help keep you cool throughout the night. There’s no need to fuss over airflow with the Casper original pillow.

This entire pillow is built from breathable materials, so it won’t trap heat and cause you to wake up.

Plus, this is a down alternative pillow. This means that it won’t trigger respiratory allergies as a normal down pillow would.

So while it may not exactly match the softness of a normal down pillow, the Casper original pillow is still a solid hypoallergenic and medium-firm pillow.

Who Should Get an Original Casper Pillow?

Back sleepers will greatly appreciate the additional neck support that this down alternative pillow offers.

Brief Casper Foam Pillow Review

This Casper pillow offers better pressure relief than the original Casper pillow. Its foam core is designed to help cradle your head and neck.

If you like memory foam pillows, then this is perfect for you. It also features a gusset like the original Casper pillow for solid comfort no matter how you sleep.

Who Should Get a Casper Foam Pillow?

Since this is a memory foam pillow, it’s ideal for side sleepers. Side sleepers need firmer pillows to support them at night.

Brief Casper Down Pillow Review

Featuring another classic cotton cover, the Casper down pillow is Casper’s softest pillow.

If you’re worried about where the down feathers in this Casper pillow came from, we can set your mind at ease. They’re ethically sourced!

This has also been certified by the Responsible Down Standard or RDS to have come from well-treated animals.

Who Should Get a Casper Down Pillow?

This is the best kind of pillow for stomach sleepers. Its almost-unmatched softness is exactly what stomach sleepers need at night.

However, the flexibility of down pillows means side sleepers will enjoy them too. This is the most moldable pillow that Casper offers, so it’s meant to support both your neck and head.

You should know that a down pillow will need to be fluffed regularly to maintain its shape.

Casper Original Pillow vs. Purple Harmony Pillow

If you’re a little iffy on the Casper original pillow, you could look at the Purple Harmony foam pillow.

They’re good for different sleeping positions, so we’ll break it down in this mini-Casper pillow review.


The Casper original is a down alternative pillow for starters, while the Purple Harmony is made from latex foam. Thanks to these materials, both pillows are hypoallergenic.

They’re comparable in comfort because they share a big similarity in their design.

While the Casper original has an inner pillow that gives it support, the Purple Harmony has a latex foam core, which helps it feel even more supportive.


Sleepers excited to try out their new pillow right away will love both of these pillows. Neither of them has an off-gassing period, so they can be used right out of the box.


Sleepers excited to try out their new pillow right away will love both of these pillows. Neither of them has an off-gassing period, so they can be used right out of the box.

The Casper Original Pillow:

  • Feels much closer to a down pillow
  • Is ideal for side sleepers
  • Is much cheaper than the Purple Harmony pillow

The Purple Harmony Pillow:

  • Has more loft options
  • Is ideal for combination sleepers
  • Is much more expensive than the Casper original pillow

Can I Take a Sleep Trial First?

Casper offers a 30-day sleep trial for their pillows as part of their commitment to your comfort. You can take the pillow home and see how it feels before you stick with it.

This is a pretty standard length for a sleep trial, but it should be enough time to decide whether a Casper pillow is right for you or not.

If you don’t like your Casper pillow within the 30-day sleep trial, then you can have it returned at no extra cost. This is because Casper will cover the return shipping fee.

Just go through Casper’s customer service for the return. If you got your pillows from a different authorized retailer, just head back to the store, and they’ll process your return.

You can also solve any issues with Casper’s licensed retailers through their customer service.

Do Casper Pillows Have a Warranty?

If you have an original Casper pillow that’s starting to lose its pillow fill, you can return it to them without hassle!

But you should ensure that it’s been less than 1 year from your purchase date. There is a warranty for Casper pillows, but it’s only good for 1 year.

It’s also good to keep in mind that you can’t use their warranty for normal wear and tear or a change in your sleep position.

If you used to be a side sleeper but are giving stomach sleeping a try, you can’t give your Casper pillow back.

The warranty for a Casper pillow is intended to cover faulty quality and any manufacturing defects.

To use your warranty, contact Casper with proof of the defect, plus your proof of purchase. Casper will cover the return shipping fee for the pillow, and then they’ll look at it.

If they also find an issue with the pillow, Casper will replace it.


Here are some extra sleep tips about your new Casper pillow!

Is a Casper Pillow Worth the Money?

If you ask us, we’d say yes! Thanks to Casper’s unique design, the original Casper pillow is like picking up two pillows at the same time.

It’s a little pricey compared to other pillows, but the durability and comfort are worth the price of admission.

Plus, it’s suited for most sleeping styles, so you won’t have to worry about getting a new pillow if you decide to change your sleeping position.

What Sizes Does the Casper Pillow Come In?

Casper pillows offer a standard-size pillow and a king-size pillow. They also come in different lofts to get a mid-loft pillow or a low-loft pillow.

Check your sleeping style to know which kind of pillow is the best for you!

How Do You Wash the Casper Pillow?

Fortunately, the Casper pillow is machine washable! You just need to prep the Casper pillow first before placing it in the washing machine.

Just unzip the outer pillow, take out the inner pillow, and zip up the outer pillow again. Wash both pillows with cold water and mild detergent.

Once the Casper pillow has been washed, use dryer balls or clean tennis balls to tumble dry the pillow.

Where Can You Get a Casper Pillow?

For maximum convenience, you can pick up a Casper pillow online. Either head to their official website or order one from Amazon.

If you prefer brick-and-mortar stores, their products are also carried by Costco, Target, and Nordstrom.

Casper also has physical locations around the country if you want to briefly try the pillow before your sleep trial.

Why Would You Need a Lofty Pillow?

We’ve mentioned loft throughout this review, but what is it? Simply put, it’s the height of your pillow while your head is resting on it.

No matter your sleep style, you want to ensure that your body rests in a neutral position throughout the night.

This is to avoid causing yourself unnecessary strain while you sleep.

To stay neutral, you’ll need to maximize the comfort of your head and neck while also supporting the natural curvature of your spine.

Lying on a completely flat mattress and pillow isn’t good for your back! If your pillow loft is too low, your neck will dip downwards, which will cause you strain when you wake up.

Similarly, a too-high pillow loft will stretch your neck up with the same effect.

A mid-loft pillow should be just right to support your neck and shoulders, but this might also change depending on your sleeping style.

Take Your Weight Into Account!

Now, no one wants to be reminded of their weight, but it plays an important role in the kind of pillow you’ll need.

A larger person is more likely to bottom out their pillows after some time. Softer pillows can’t take that kind of consistent pressure, and fluffing can only do so much!

We recommend a memory foam pillow if you’re a champion pillow flattener. They’re ideal for bigger sleepers because of their design.

Since they’re meant to be molded around your form as you sleep, they’re great for supporting your head, neck, and shoulders. But keep in mind that memory foam takes some getting used to.

It may seem too hard because it’s still adjusting to your body shape.

Keep sleeping on it, and it’ll eventually mold to you!

Is the Casper Pillow Good for Different Sleepers?

Thanks to its cool cotton cover and polyester microfiber filling, both side and back sleepers will enjoy the original Casper pillow.

We recommend picking up the king-size version of this down alternative pillow if you need a bolster pillow.


You don’t have to hire a certified sleep science coach to improve your sleep! And you don’t need to start hunting for an expensive pillow either.

Simply pick up the Casper original pillow after a sleep trial. This mid-loft and hypoallergenic pillow will send you to dreamland in comfort.